CANUDC 2015!

The Cameroon National Universities Debating Championship (CANUDC) – a structured debate tournament – which will be launched in Université des Montagnes from November 10 to 15, 2015, will once more vibrate and valorise talent and leadership of students from public and private higher institutions in Cameroun and in the sub-region. This intellectual challenge will put the above mentioned goals into effect, namely the interactive learning, critical thought and democratic dialog, just to name a few. The slogan of this championship is “words as impulse of development”. Organisers, namely Cameroon Debate Association (CDA) and Université des Montagnes (UdM), have to give the chance to students to go through controversial topics of modern society, with the goal of promoting... read more

CANUDC 2015 : Objectives & Expected results

The main objective of the third edition of CANUDC is to gather more than 200 youths, train them and make them compete on important issues related to the emergence of Cameroon and Africa. The theme selected for this championship is :
Specific objectives of the third edition of CANUDC :
puce To train 100 young students in debate, public speaking and leadership
puce Prepare, set up and frame a national debate team that will represent Cameroon at the Pan-African Universities Debate Championships (PAUDC) in Ghana in December 2015 and other international debate contests
puceTo encourage young people to love research, reading and teamwork
puceTo promote patriotism and... read more

CANUDC 2015 : Organisation and Participants

CANUDC 2015 is organised by Cameroon Debate Association and Université des Montagnes . Outre les organisateurs, soit 50 environ, The Organising Committee is made up of the president of the Organising Committee, a Managerial Team, a Tournament Director and a board of adjudicators recruited by CDA. Apart from the organisers (almost 50 in number), about 200 participants from almost 20 higher public and private institution from Cameroon and from the CEMAC sub-region are awaited. These are:
puce 100 debaters
puce 50 adjudicators
puce 20 local volunteers
puce 20 national volunteers
Pr.Kenneth Newby from Morehouse College (USA), chief adjudicator CANUDC 2015. read more


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